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Washing Tips, Tricks, & More

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Laundry is a necessity of life! Much like the mail, it never stops coming – so why not become a professional at? Join our laundry blog for washing tips tricks, and much more to further your knowledge at the laundromat or at home!

Laundry Excellence

Experience Excellence: Our Unmatchable Staff and Laundry Ease Do you love clean, fresh laundry but hate doing it yourself? Look no further than Breeze Laundry in Idaho! With state-of-the-art facilities
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Stop Germs & Bacteria: Use the FREE Sanitize Cycle

Advantages of the Prewash Sanitize Cycle Stop Germs, Odors, and Bacteria! Doing laundry can be an arduous task at times especially when it comes to heavily soiled clothes that can
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Get In & Out in 45 Minutes

Clean Laundry in 45 Minutes Yes it’s possible! We’re not going to beat around the bush, you have to hustle, but with our modern machines the 45 minute laundry day
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How to Wash Ski Jacket & Pants

How to Wash Ski Jacket & Pants Dust off that ski gear, it’s the season of full stoke! With the snow here and mountain open, check out these instructions on
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10 Tips for Washing at the Laundromat

10 Tips for Washing at the Laundromat Whether you come to the laundromat for speed, specialty large items or if you don’t have a washer and dryer in your home,
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Choosing a Laundromat Near You

Choosing a Laundromat Near You Laundry is a necessity that you just can’t get around. Since it has to be done, Breeze Better Laundry believes it should be pleasant, affordable,
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