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How to Wash Ski Jacket & Pants

Dust off that ski gear, it’s the season of full stoke! With the snow here and mountain open, check out these instructions on how to wash your ski jacket, pants, and other cold weather wear at the laundromat or elsewhere:

Garment Prep

Cut off/untie any lift tickets and passes on your pants, jacket, and bibs. Remove jacket linings, zip all the zippers, snap the snaps, and close Velcro fasteners to prevent fabric from catching. Don’t forget to empty the pockets!

Stain Treatment

If there are food stains on your gear, treat them before you wash. Apply stain remover and scrub the spot – remember, this type of fabric can handle some hardy scrubbing.

Cycle Selection

Toss your gear into the washer and make sure the water temperature is set to cold and that you use the gentle cycle. If your clothes still feel soapy after, run another rinse cycle.

Rinse and Waterproof

After you wash, run your pants and ski jacket through a second wash cycle using a waterproofing solution.

Air Dry

Always hang your winter gear out to dry. This will help it maintain its waterproof nature.

Washing Your Ski Clothes

Your winter gear doesn’t need to be washed after every wear – once or twice a season should do the trick. When it’s time to wash your ski jacket and pants, stop by Breeze Laundry and get it done here!