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Making Laundry  "A Breeze"

Laundromats in Boise & Nampa, Idaho.

Let's Laundry

Why Wash With Us

Laundry is laundry, it has to be done! So why not make it fun, fast, and affordable? With fresh and inviting stores & cool equipment, you’ll fall back in love with laundry day.  Find us in Boise and Nampa Idaho for the best laundromat experience of your life.

Complimentary Sanitizing

we are proud to offer seriously clean machines, our washers are the only in the world to offer a complimentary sanitize rinse feature. Before your next wash, try it out - it only takes 60 seconds!

Complimentary Soap

We offer soaps that contain no carcinogens like dioxane that cannot be removed by our wastewater treatment facilities. Breeze is committed to the environment. As a sign of our dedication to Mother Earth, as well as to your health & clothing investment, we provide Charlie’s Soap for every wash.

Complimentary Dryer Balls

These little wonders naturally reduce static, soften clothes and speed up dry time. We offer wool dryer balls with each and every visit to ensure your item's longevity and optimal dry.

Self Serve Laundry

Stop on in, it's laundry day. Scratch that, it's laundry hour! With extremely efficient washers and dryers that can pretty much hold your house, your clothes will be clean and you'll be on your way in no time.

Wash & Fold

Did someone say 5 minute laundry? Just drop it off & pick it up, easy as that! We exclusively use Charlie’s Soap and have your clean laundry ready for pickup the day after you drop it off. Heck, if you need same day service, we can do that too.

Breeze Club

Alright, it may be hard to imagine being a laundromat club member,. But Breeze is not just any laundromat. And it’s not just any loyalty program. Joining the Breeze club to save even more on our already amazing price per pound of laundry.


Customer Experiences

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs! A few reviews from customers of all kinds.

Join the Club

Become a Breeze Member

Clean clothes are a necessity, so why not. save on every wash? Become a ‘Breeze Club Member‘ today. From the app you can track your wash, check availability, and earn rewards all from your phone.

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With three great locations already cleaning clothes and one more on the way, our stores offer the convenience you’re looking for when doing laundry.

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1612 Broadway Avenue Boise, Idaho 83706

4026 W State Street Boise, Idaho 83703

1355 Caldwell BLVD Nampa, Idaho 83703

1317 12th Ave Rd. Nampa, Idaho 83703

Broadway Ave

State Street

Karcher Mall

12th Ave Road

Open Daily 7 am – 10 pm

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