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Advantages of the Prewash Sanitize Cycle

Stop Germs, Odors, and Bacteria!

Doing laundry can be an arduous task at times especially when it comes to heavily soiled clothes that can require prewashing before the actual wash cycle. A prewash cycle helps to lift excess dirt and grime from the clothes, making it easier for the main wash cycle to effectively clean the clothes. However, prewashing alone may not be enough for clothes that may have been exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is where Breeze Better Laundry’s prewash sanitize cycle comes in handy.

The prewash sanitize cycle is a specialized wash setting designed to get rid of stubborn stains and eliminate germs and bacteria that can survive a regular wash cycle. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this feature can be a real game-changer especially for households with small children or when it comes to handling clothes worn by someone who has been ill.

By opting for the prewash sanitize cycle on your Breeze Better Laundry machine, you can be confident that germs and bacteria on your clothes will be eliminated, thereby promoting good health and hygiene. This cycle works by allowing hot water and bleach to thoroughly clean clothes before the main wash cycle begins, killing any lurking bacteria, and ensuring that the clothes are not only clean but also safe to wear.

One of the main advantages of opting for the prewash sanitize cycle on your Breeze Better Laundry machine is its ability to save time and energy. Without this specialized cycle, a user would have to soak clothes in a bleach solution or purchase additional sanitizing products to ensure clothes are safe to wear. However, with the specialized prewash sanitize cycle on Breeze Better Laundry machines, users can save time and effort and get clean and germ-free clothes, all in one cycle.

In conclusion, the prewash sanitize cycle on Breeze Better Laundry machines is a great tool for promoting effective hygiene and getting rid of stubborn stains. With its ability to eliminate germs and bacteria and save time and effort, it’s a fantastic option for busy households looking to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

So, the next time you’re tackling a large load of heavily soiled laundry, be sure to opt for Breeze Better Laundry’s prewash sanitize cycle for a deep, clean, and germ-free wash.