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Clean Laundry in 45 Minutes

Yes it's possible!

We’re not going to beat around the bush, you have to hustle, but with our modern machines the 45 minute laundry day is a real thing. Follow the the quick guide below to do what never could be done before.

Select Quickwash
Welcome to your breeze store, your clothes are loaded and so are the soap compartments with our complimentary Charlie’s Soap. Select ‘Quickwash’ for your cycle & then start, your clothes will be thoroughly cleaned in no time.
Setup Breeze Notifications
Your machine will give an ETA of completion time or you can setup Cycle Notifications in your Laundry App + you can save on every wash. Another reminder tip is a time on your phone.
Cart Ready - Go Dry
Beep, beep, beep, your cycle is complete! With cart, ready load your almost dry items into the cart and wheel them over to our massive Dryers! Remember, most loads dry for just .50-.75 cents.
Load & Leave
Just like that everything item is perfectly dried and ready to go. Load up and leave, we will see you next wash! Happy Laundry!